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What you need to know about building a custom home….aka “Custom Home Building for Dummies”

1. Seek clarity on all elements

“An educated customer is a blessing, not a curse” (source unknown)

2. Design Team Concept

Team with an architect and a builder that have experience working together, yet are not financially connected. This will greatly improve the odds of developing a plan that meets your vision and budget while complying with specific neighborhood requirements, addresses topological and orientation issues unique to your land and incorporates efficient use of quality materials.

3. Bid Process

Know the difference between a ‘Quick Bid’ that provides a ballpark cost estimate based on a builder’s experience, and a ‘Complete Project Bid’ that is built from actual subcontractor quotes with specified materials and addresses more than just the structure. Both are important tools used by General Contractors at different stages of the process.

4. Turn Key versus Cost-Plus

Both methods are legitimate and have value, but it is important to understand where risk lies with each to select which is best for your project.

5. Allowances and Specification Sheet

Both essential elements to a complete bid, these allow you to know what is included and what costs are variable.

6. Change Orders

The goal of thorough upfront planning is to eliminate changes, but they are a necessary part of the building process. You want the ability to make changes, so understand the process and cost associated with them.

7. The Role of the Realtor

Realtors provide valuable services. Many neighborhoods provide developer sponsored sales centers which combine the land and home into a single transaction. When building in true custom neighborhoods or on raw land outside any subdivision structure, the land and building transactions are completely separate events. It is important to know what services a realtor is providing and what the fee structure is for both transactions on a custom home project.

8. Trust Factor

In a world of escalating costs it is extremely tempting to succumb to a sales presentation and a promise to deliver your dream at a bargain price. Unfortunately, it is not possible for any builder to deliver the same product at a lower cost without taking risks along the way. With so much of the construction process occurring “behind the walls” it is virtually impossible for a customer to know if everything is being done properly and per plan. Builder selection is key to successfully implementing what the architect has put on paper. Base your decision on trust, experience and references and the financial element will be in line with industry standards.

9. The Elephant in the Room

Ask the hard questions, ask the easy questions, ask all of your questions. Everyone has different levels of experience when it comes to construction, so no question is a bad question, ask them all!

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Sean Yeary

Sean Yeary

A UNC Chapel Hill graduate that is blessed with a creative mind and an eye for quality. He grew up alongside a Bob Vila inspired father, which instilled a love for building and the outdoors, and led to his decision to develop his God given skills as a General Contractor. Turning a family’s dream into reality is a great source of satisfaction for him.

David Yeary

David Yeary

An electrical engineering graduate that satisfied the need for hands on accomplishment by engaging in auto and home restoration projects. He enlisted his children for the necessary manual labor to complete his projects, under the guise of character development. After 37 years in corporate America, he is teaming with Sean and learning about the latest techniques and materials as they grow the business together.